We are 7 Bridges Brewing Company, Danang’s original craft beer company and the region’s first IMPACT BREWING COMPANY.

Founded in fall 2016 in the garage of a law office, 7 Bridges crafts liquid joy in Danang—Vietnam’s City of Bridges. The 7 Bridges name arose during a city conference on innovation and startups when one of our dear friends launched a speech with “Danang, the City of Bridges, with its 7 Bridges”. There could be no other name for Danang’s first craft brewing company. Hence, our bridge branding reflects pride in our home city and our commitment to build bridges and networks for craft beer as a whole, our society and our environment.

Our course, we know that Danang has more than 7 Bridges but we like the name.

We launched with 7 original bridge themed beers and are continuously releasing new bridge beers to the market. So, how many bridges are 7 bridges? We don’t know yet. How many bridges are there in Vietnam, the region and the world? That gives us a lot of room to innovate.

Our company is built by the hard work of a cohesive team dedicated to our ethos and our products.


If interested in our story, send us your passion via info@7bridges.vn

Thought leading and innovative craft beer, originating in Vietnam—that’s what!

We never stop exploring or creating.We seek to make Danang a craft beer haven for Southeast Asia and that comes with the responsibility of leading the evolution and revolution of the craft in a distinctly Vietnamese way.

Expect variety throughout the year, ranging from:

  • Mainstays: Sunset Weizen, Vietnam Red Ale and Imperial IPA which offer a broad spectrum of flavor and depth for beer lovers.
  • Seasonals: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, a small batch, limited edition series that turns each season inspired by Danang’s swinging Han River Bridge
  • Special Editions: Small batch, limited editions of Golden Ale, New York Rye, Sakura and Fire, as well as other limited run beers.
  • The Good Brews: Our impact brew series is made in collaboration with our impact partners to raise awareness, funding and action for social and environmental issues we deem urgent.


Traditional wheat beer featuring coriander seeds and orange peel.
• Aroma/nose: Fruity and floral.
• Taste: Fruity with a wheat finish. Smooth, not hoppy.

4.2% ABV


A red IPA, made especially for Vietnam!
• Aroma/nose: Floral with caramel and malt.
• Taste: Very balanced, with a beautiful color, maltiness and robust hops.

5.5% ABV


A Big, Strong, Hoppy IPA!
• Aroma/nose: Fruity and floral, hints of citrus.
• Taste: Well balanced malts and hops lends strength but is smooth on the palate.

9.0% ABV


A classic American pale ale.
• Aroma/nose: Floral and fruity
• Taste: Crisp and refreshing, gaining floral hints from American hops.

5.1% ABV


Inspired by the German immigrants who built the Brooklyn Bridge.
• Aroma/nose: Floral, caramel.
• Taste: Complex and sophisticated. Full bodied with a dry hopped finish.

6.9% ABV


A beer that follows the flowering and harvest at Japan Sakura cherries.
• Aroma/nose: Floral in Spring, fruity in Autumn.
• Taste: Easy to drink, a mix of sweet and gently tart (sour).

5.3% ABV

Before we asked ourselves “What?”, we asked ourselves “Why?”

TED: Simon Sinek – “The Golden Circle”

We are an impact brewing company, meaning we leverage our craft beer platform to do good for our community and the environment.We operate on the ethos that “It’s not only what we brew, it’s what we do.”This is not a mere butterflies and moonbeams marketing ploy or shallow, feel good CSR initiative.We seek to make a long term impact.

For us, it just makes good sense that we demonstrate our passion for our craft by also taking tangible action to give back to society and the environment.Beer naturally brings us all to together.It is liquid art, joy and philosophy.Great crafted beer represents the very best of human potential and is a marvelous tool for ‘ unlocking community involvement.That is why we brew.

Thus the 7 Bridges mission is:

  • Deliver our lovingly crafted liquid art, joy and philosophy to our customers
  • Bring together networks of like minded people to take tangible and sustainable action for society and the environment
  • Push the boundaries and never stop innovating
  • Make Danang proud to be the home of 7 Bridges and a center for the next generation of craft brewing